Political music through history, a comparative study

Woody Guthrie (Two Good Men):
Sacco earned his bread and butter
Being the factory’s best shoe cutter;
Vanzetti spoke both day and night,
Told the workers how to fight.

Joan Baez (Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti):
And now I’ll tell you what’s against us
An art that’s lived for centuries
Go through the years and you will find
What’s blackened all of history
Against us is the law
With its immensity of strength and power
Against us is the law!

Against All Authority (Sacco and Vanzetti):
In an atmosphere of instense hostility
The system made it clear – because of your beliefs you’ll receive no pity
In defiance of worldwide protest and appeals
They were electrocuted, their only crimes were their ideals

Music of the working people -> music of middle class warbling -> idiots who try to rhyme ‘hostility’ with ‘pity’

Interestingly Guthrie’s uses by far the simplest language but is also the best composed, most emotionally impactful, and most poetic of the three.

This is why I listen to hiphop.

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