We need independence to escape from the FIRE

I am pro either independence or fiscal autonomy.

Why? Because the UK has a financial (FIRE – finance, insurance, real-estate) economy, which means powerful bankers. An independent Scotland could not support this kind of economy, and the SNP are proposing reindustrialisation on the basis of renewable energy (Scotland has 1/4 of Europe’s wind and 1/4 of its tidal potential). That means powerful manufacturing interests.

If you look around the world, countries where bankers are powerful end up with privatisation and countries where manufacturers are powerful (like Germany) end up with strong social infrastructure, good healthcare etc. Probably because trade unions are stronger and manufacturing means you need a healthy, educated population.

I don’t think that Scots are more compassionate than English people but I think a Scottish state (or autonomous region) would be forced by economics to be more compassionate than the British state.


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