My Complaint to BBC Question Time

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Question Time tonight is in Edinburgh, and has an audience of 16- and 17-year-olds, on the grounds that they will be voting in the Scottish Independence referendum. Independence is clearly a key issue that will be discussed – this edition of the programme has been billed as such.

The panel apparently consists of six guests, four who are against independence, one who is in favour, and one neutral. This is an unacceptable level of bias for a BBC programme.

This is also the week before a by-election, in Aberdeen Donside. As such it is especially important that the major parties in Scotland be represented.

In particular, the Scottish Green Party have only had one appearance on Question Time since the inception of the Scottish Parliament. Contrary to a statement by your spokesperson, they are an entirely separate organisation to the Green Party of England and Wales.

There is clearly room for the Scottish Green Party, given that this is a panel of six. It is hard to understand why they would be excluded, while Nigel Farage makes his third appearance of the year.

Neither Mr Farage nor Mr Galloway’s parties have any representation in Scotland. At the last test they managed 0.91% of the vote and 0.35% of the national vote, respectively, as compared with the Scottish Green Party’s 4.38%.

In future, please ensure a balance between pro and anti independence panellists, and accurately represent the Scottish political landscape when broadcasting from here.

  1. U think it was wrong to permit Nigel Fargh to appear on Question Time as Independence question for Scotland and Scotland alone I believe his views and that are far distant from public Opinion in Scotland. His appearance could have caused civil unrest! Question time was one of my one of the best Broadcast on The BBC but has lost a lot of respect in Scotland any in my eyes too. UKIP mist be Kept out of Scotland. I respect he is entitled to his own opinion. So he should respect Scot;ands and stay away!

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