Six months to Yes – your country needs you

As of today there are just six months until Scotland votes on its independence. I believe Scotland can, should and must be independent, and I believe Scotland will vote Yes.

Six months is a long time, but it’s also quite a short time. It has been a year since the Scottish Government announced the date of the referendum. Two thirds of the campaign has already gone.


By rights, we ought to win this. The arguments are overwhelming – Scotland is rich enough to be independent, Scotland would be more democratic if it was independent, and Scotland must escape the starvation agenda being imposed by the Westminster Tory government. Yes campaigners all know this, and on Facebook and Twitter it feels like we have already won the referendum.

But we could still lose the referendum. Not everyone is on Facebook and Twitter – almost half of Glaswegians, for example, don’t have broadband internet. Pensioners almost all vote, aren’t on the internet, and lean heavily towards No. Of course they do – to them, BBC TV and the Daily Mail are still major news sources. The polls still show No on course to win, for all that Yes is making slow and steady gains.

For the next six months, we have to work like we’ve never worked before. The case for Yes must be taken out into our communities. It must be inescapable. Our opponents control the news media and big business. We control the streets of Scotland. To win, we must be bold, proud, unafraid to put our views forward. We must knock on every door in the country and put our case directly to the people.

In twenty years time, we’ll be looking back on the few short months of summer 2014 and asking ourselves – what did I do? Win or lose, our children and grandchildren will want to know what roles we played. This is a chance – a fleeting chance – to etch our names into history, to change the future.

There are events happening up and down the country. Contact your local Yes group. Do it today. Volunteer to help with whatever they need, whatever you can do.

Come September there will be no hiding place. Your country needs you.

  1. March 20th, 2014

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