Labour have played the race card

“Yvette Cooper says an independent Scotland would need immigration rise of a million to fund pensions” screams the Daily Record headline. Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, a member of the Labour leadership. Speaking in the traditionally Labour-supporting Record, Scotland’s second biggest-selling newspaper.


This is simply incredible. At the end of a week when UKIP launched billboards claiming that European immigrants are coming for our jobs, one of the most senior members of the Labour shadow cabinet comes to Scotland and tells us we’ll be swamped with Poles if she doesn’t get her way. To add insult to injury she spins the actual number – just 24,000 immigrants a year from all sources including England – as a million, by adding up every year from now to 2051.

There have been Poles living in Scotland for centuries, Yvette. There’s a Polish club near my flat in Glasgow that was founded in 1954 because so many stayed here after we fought together against fascism. As long ago as 1650, there were 30,000 Scots living in Poland. We’re not scared of a few Poles.

I try to avoid demonising my political opponents. After the independence referendum, we’ll all have to get along, whichever way the vote goes. But this is unacceptable.

Not content with opposing free health and education, Labour ‘s leadership has now introduced race into Scottish politics. They are legitimising and wielding racist rhetoric in a country that hardly votes for the right wing parties.

Scottish Labour tried to tack left by supporting the public sector strikes in 2011, but came a cropper when Ed Miliband declared “These strikes are wrong!” (again… and again… and again). With tacking left ruled out by London, they are now tacking right. Hard right.

Surely every decent soul in Labour, and I know there are many, must be outraged. You can’t stay silent on this, guys – Yvette Cooper has consciously aped Nigel Farage’s dog-whistle race politics.

    • scopa
    • April 25th, 2014

    It’s not just me that’s incensed by this then. This isn’t the Labour party I support and I can only hope that more people will read the analysis of this bogus figure which has been done on “Wings over Scotland”

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