BBC tries to stoke racial tensions in Scotland

My letter of complaint:


Dear Sir / Madam,

On Tuesday 10th of March the BBC website reported on an opinion poll commissioned by the BBC into attitudes to immigration in Scotland. The article, entitled “BBC poll suggests 64% of Scots want immigration reduced”, can be found here:

The BBC guidelines on opinion polls clearly state “We should not headline the results of an opinion poll unless it has prompted a story which itself deserves a headline and reference to the poll’s findings is necessary to make sense of it”.

The guideline exists for an excellent reason, which is that it is not the BBC’s role to determine the political questions of the day, but rather to report on them.

This is especially egregious behaviour in a tense pre-election context. I find it hard to imagine what the BBC hoped to achieve by commissioning this poll in the first place.

Alistair Davidson

[UPDATE: Scotland 2015, the BBC’s flagship current affairs show, is following up on this story by inviting UKIP on to debate the main Scottish parties, except the Greens.]

[UPDATE 2: And “the debate will continue” on Morning Call tomorrow. Joy!]

    • Dr James Scott
    • March 10th, 2015

    This poll reflects the BBC interest in creating the news for agenda driven purposes using the licence payers money as opposed to reporting the news which is what we pay them to do
    I find it offensive in the extreme to have my money used for the BBCs political motive

  1. Memo to Self: To cancel Licence Fee immediately (haven’t watched TV in years). Hit ’em where it hurts…

  2. There is a definite need for something different to the existing right wing Press Cartel. It is a fact that most of the world’s news provision is controlled by right wing capitalists. Their intention is to propogate the virus of capitalism and maintain the planet’s differentials between wealthy and hardship. Left Insider promotes left wing features from reliable sites like Novara and Left Foot Forward etc. We all own the right to maximise our own qualities and we all have the obligation to help others maximise theirs.

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