Poll Tracker – “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

This poll tracker updates with each new poll. When a poll has just come out, I set its fieldwork end date to the date of publication, and update this to the correct date when the full data is released.

Click the images for a larger, interactive version.

For poll analysis I recommend Scot Goes Pop! and What Scotland Thinks.

Each pollster’s Yes % when undecideds are excluded.

Two poll-of-polls: the average of the last 6 polls (John Curtice’s preference). The latest poll from each pollster (James Kelly of Scot Goes Pop!).

John Curtice has weighted the most recent ICM poll to 0.7. I’m not yet set up to include that, so his PoP is slightly too high.


The highest reported Yes vote +3%, the lowest reported Yes vote -3%, and the averages of the top 3 pollsters, bottom 3 pollsters, and all pollsters. 3% is the standard margin of error in opinion polls.


The raw Yes and No % of each pollster, undecideds included.

  1. September 10th, 2014

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