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Ubuntu Netbook Remix in less than 2GB

So I just managed to shoehorn NR onto an EeePC 2G Surf, even though NR thinks it needs more than the 2GB of hard drive available. It took a bit of messing around – hopefully this will save someone else some time.

1) Get the minimal installer –

2) Stick it on a USB stick with the program from

3) Press escape while the eeepc is booting and boot from your stick

4) Choose the “command line install” option. This will fill up the first 400MB. Use manual partitioning so you don’t have any swap – we need those MBs!

5) sudo apt-get ubuntu-netbook –no-install-recommended

6) Install every package beginning with “indicator-”

7) Install network manager, gvfs-backends, pm-utils

8) You can safely delete the kernel headers and everything in /usr/share/doc

9) Install whatever software you need – I went with Totem, Epiphany and AbiWord. Also the multiverse gstreamer packages.

10) sudo apt-get clean

All-in-all, I’m left with 500MB of free space and the whole thing is running wonderfully. Hope this helps someone else.

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