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A wee story

My grandfather wasn’t a religious man, but he always said that he would live on through his¬†descendants, who each carry a small piece of him, and through the people he’s talked to, because sharing ideas shares a little of yourself too.

With that in mind, I’d like to share an excerpt from the short life history he wrote a while ago.¬†I think it’s really quite lovely, and describes what has been most important to him for most of his life.

“I never had a lot to do with girls. Took one or two to the cinema and one dancing, Betty Brown from Coatbridge, she was a WREN but our only relationship was as dance partners, she was the only girl that I have ever been able to dance with and we had no other mutual attraction.

Before moving to Cranfield I had been at No. 1 Radio School at Cranwell. I used to take a girl out to the cinema, a Mary Robertson, Met Officer from Edinburgh. Father well heeled, a lawyer with his own Building Society. I looked on her as a friend and a good companion but nothing further. When I arrived at Cranfield, before I met Cherry, Mary wrote to say she would come and see me at Cranfield. I wrote to her right away and said that I considered her a good friend but nothing further would develop. She wrote me a nice reply thanking me for my honesty.

As you can see, the idea of marriage or a permanent relationship was never in my mind until I first saw Cherry, it sounds a bit corny and typical Mills and Boon stuff, but on my first meeting with Cherry I realised this was for real. I remember how badly I behaved, stuttering and stammering and blushing just talking to her.

I had been taken there by a Mac pilot from Dundee. My reaction after the first meeting was she must have a husband or a boyfriend so I stayed away for a week.”


“My reaction on seeing her was the for the first time in my life I had met a girl that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I felt sure she had an attachment, but as it turned out she was completely unattached. The more I spoke to her the more I fell under her spell. I invited her out to the village cinema and she agreed to go and from then on our mutual feelings indicated that this was for real.

As she was a corporal and I a Flight Lieutenant, we used to go to into the nearest town, Bedford, in mufti, ie non-military clothes. The WAAF Officer, a Miss Hutt, used to keep an eye on the various romances in the unit. She only found out about myself and Cherry when I was leaving in October to be demobbed.”

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